Testimonials from graduates

The University of Memphis Flute Studio impacts the lives of its students.



Haley is currently pursuing her MM in flute performance on full assistantship at Wichita State University.

"Professor Blatchford goes above and beyond what is expected of any teacher.  Not only did she share her endless knowledge of flute playing with her students, she has guided each of us on our personal journeys through music by encouraging us to set in place and reach our own individual goals. Not only do I feel more comfortable with performing, she has given me the tools to demonstrate leadership, discipline, and to take control of my own future. I have never had a teacher more dedicated to her students than Professor Blatchford, she has the ability to mentor and inspire students and a focused energy in her flute lessons that always left me more determined than before.  I have complete faith that each and every student that walks into her office will leave with a new understanding of not only the flute, but themselves."



Delara is now a self-sufficient flute freelancer in Memphis, and performs as a regular substitute with the Memphis Symphony.

"I enjoyed studying with Professor Blatchford not only because she’s a professional flutist who lives and breathes what she’s teaching, or because it’s easy to get lost in her sound when she plays as an example, but how she treated me as a person. She challenged me through my apprehensions, and I grew, not just with my musical understandings, but I added layers to my onion. I can’t remember every word from each lesson, but I have phrases that have sculpted me on both personal and musical levels. I keep the phrases on repeat to this day.

"There are many aspects of her teaching to highlight, but I will delve into the adjectives she uses to describe the musical moment whether it be emotional, character related, or scene painting. Her adjectives to describe music are poetic and vivid. She could say one word and my wind trio knew exactly where our next destination was, and we got there together almost instantaneously. It was as if by magic that an adjective could inspire and guide our course to its sought harbor. Professor B is a guiding spirit. She doesn’t tell you how to be, she leads you to it so you can discover it yourself."