All West Tennessee 9-10 WTSBOA flute audition music

For All West Tennessee honor band, the flute audition music is both a little deceptive and awkward. The first selection moves at a brisk 112 beats per minute -- my opinion is that you may receive a higher score on your audition if you perform this perhaps a little slower while giving a clean, clear performance. Plan your breaths in the first selection carefully and make sure to practice doing the same thing every time. The two fermatas in measure 5 can be treated in a number of ways: in the above video, I've chosen to breathe in between them and treat the second fermata like a pickup into measure 6. I also practiced this piece so that I could take a breath after the first C in measure 5 and not breathe again until after the B in measure 6. This breath pattern solves the problem of what to do with breaths and the fermatas. It also creates a longer line.

In the second section, make a statement right away with your dynamics. You just left the first section at a forte: start the second at a mezzo-piano. Ideally, only breathe where there are rests printed. You shouldn't need anything else. Be very careful to carry over the F# accidental in measure 12. The very last note of that measure is an F#. Measure 14 and on ventures into third octave territory. You have permission to play out (marked mezzo-forte) so be sure to support well with your air and to drop the jaw to create a rounder sound. We don't want to sound strident or screechy here.

The final section, in six-eight time, is in Ab major. Do not neglect to play Db's. You have the opportunity for a great dynamic contrast at measure 27: forte to mezzo-piano. This should be pretty easy since the notes are so low. Make a great crescendo in measure 31 and end triumphantly.