WTSBOA All West Junior High flute music

Three short musical selections are the focus of the All West Tennessee's Junior High honor band flute audition. 

For the first section, articulation clarity is key. In measure 3, note that the slur continues from the two sixteenth notes into the next eighth note. Make sure to slur where it's written and to articulate where it's written. Adjudicators and judges really do notice these things.

This melody poses a few problems for breathing. Take really good breaths whenever you have a rest (only twice) and the rest of the time try to take breaths that are as quick as possible and don't disturb the rhythmic pulse.

Support the arpeggio in measure 8 with a lot of air! Play the lower notes with more sound so that the high G doesn't stick out.

The slow middle section is there to check your ability to subdivide. Keep a running 16th or 8th note pulse in your head at all times. Practice with a metronome - that goes for all of these, but especially this one. 

The final section is in Ab major. Don't neglect to play Db every time. Make every eighth note the same length (I've chosen in my interpretation to make everything short and bouncy). 

Good luck with your preparation! If you have questions, leave them in the comments and I will respond.